Intelligent Agents™

Data Vendor Monitoring and Risk Alerts

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Tracking the news for your data vendors, suppliers and partners for regulatory compliance every day, reliably and at scale is time consuming, expensive and prone to human error.


Failure to have a systematic process to identify and track compliance risks to adhere to Section 204A of the SEC Code of Ethics Rule, results in fines and legal proceedings.


  • Daily news monitoring and alerts, an automated and scalable solution to keeping tabs on the compliance of your mission-critical data sources and partners.

  • Sequentum’s Intelligent Agents™ leverage advanced search technology and AI, combined to aggregate timely, accurate negative news on data vendors, data sets or any company you need to track to ensure trust in your data.


Trusted, cost-effective and fully configurable to meet your specific requirements and any audit.  Alerts are delivered daily in a clean, clear, back-linked email.

Example of daily news alerts generated by Sequentum’s Intelligent Agents™

Negative news screening is a mission-critical function in regulatory compliance, particularly in the data vendor due diligence process. Leveraging negative news information from credible sources is essential for evaluating risks.

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