Sequentum tackles the complex world of data extraction, enrichment, transformation and reliable delivery of trusted custom data sets so our clients can focus on intelligent decision making.

We have over 15 years of data industry leadership and are dedicated to sharing our tried-and-true strategies with our clients to give them the Sequentum edge.


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Sarah McKenna is the CEO of Sequentum, the leading web data extraction company reliably delivering high-quality, custom, alternative data sets that corporate, financial and government customers trust for informed decision making and mission critical analysis of market opportunities. Sarah is also the Technical Advisor for the Web Data Collection Considerations published by the SIIA Financial Information Standards Division (FISD) Alt Data Council, a group committed to setting standards and best practices in the web data extraction industry and the alternative data world.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Sarah began her career in finance but quickly pivoted to join an early dot-com organization where she developed her expertise in quality assurance (QA) and large-scale, data-driven automated operations. Sarah and her teams’ success and expertise in trustworthy automation and quality assurance in the software industry has fueled Sequentum’s growth and evolution from a pure web scraping company into a leading software provider for the data movement space, and has helped the industry set best practices for reliability, transparency and trust in data at scale.

Prior to Sequentum, Sarah helped guide several notable data technology companies to success including Summit Systems (acquired by Misys), Vitech (acquired by CVC Capital Partners) and Massive Incorporated (acquired by Microsoft).

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Founder & CTO

Soeren has extensive experience developing new and innovative search and web data extraction technologies. Soeren has significant experience establishing and operating 3 startups over his 25 years of experience as a technical leader. Soeren holds a Master of Electrical Engineering from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet in Denmark and lives in Sydney, Australia.

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Founder & President

Tony has over 25 years of experience starting up and operating digital businesses with a focus on strategy, delivery, and business development. He has been engaged by leading corporations across multiple industries while working at tier-1 consultancies such as Accenture, IBM, and Cognizant. Tony has a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Studies from University of South Australia.

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As a business development and commercial operations specialist for nearly 30 years, Jim has worked with partners, customers and key stakeholders in media and technology companies to develop and execute cogent business strategies and manage commercial operations. All aspects of his work focus on helping customers integrate mission critical technologies that help achieve corporate goals, specific ROI, and increase revenue, profitability and valuation.

Jumping into the Wayback Machine, Jim co-founded two dot-com era online entertainment and game-based marketing firms, Bottle Rocket and BrandPlay, alternately running production & operations, sales & account management. He went on to manage a brand strategy & design firm, MSDS (now Constructive) as well as an online publisher focused on real estate, CityRealty. He helped lead the US sales and account management efforts for Norwegian OTT video technology company, Vimond, and most recently has been Principal Consultant at MediaSwell, a company offering fractional CCO/COO/GM services to tech and media firms.

Jim holds an A.B. in Media Writing from The University of Michigan and attended NYU’s Masters program for Interactive Telecommunication.

Our mission is to deliver trust in data.  It’s at the core of our platform and operations, built into every transparent step we take, so our clients can rely, with certainty, on data that informs their most critical analysis and business decisions.  

The data landscape constantly changes and evolves. Sequentum keeps one eye on what’s next – not just on continuous improvement but on meaningful evolution – and the other eye on simplifying the complexity in data. We optimize and build on our key features including customization, notifications, observability and the integration of tools, and pioneer use of new technologies such as AI data enrichment.

Our vision is to evolve our intuitive, best-in-class technology into a fully automated, scalable, cloud based data platform and marketplace solution. We do this all in the service of simplifying complexity and delivering trust in data, now and into the future.

Sequentum sources, transforms, enriches, structures and reliably delivers transparent, compliant, trustworthy, high-quality data to Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and financial institutions. Our end-to-end platform, a highly composable system, allows for the rapid deployment of web data pipelines to empower our clients to focus on their most mission critical analysis and business decisions. 

15 years ago Sequentum was founded to holistically and efficiently address the problems companies faced in finding the right data. Clients needed custom, alternative data sets at massive scale from fragmented and changing sources. Trusted, high-quality data is critical to discern how markets and companies moved: what products were selling, how to price them, what their competition offered, in order to identify consumer sentiment, trends, opportunities and optimize offerings. 

Sequentum solved this need by leveraging our deep experience in search and process automation to build a holistic, end-to-end platform to extract and deliver trusted, transparent, high-quality web data with speed, ease and reliability. All of this is managed at scale, with built-in tools for deep customization, composability and the ability to observe, govern and audit every step of the data journey.  

As quickly as our customer base grew, it was matched by the need to process more data from even more sources. On top of scale demand, composability and customizability on every level was needed to meet the most granular customer requirements in a frictionless way. Our corporate and financial customers also required additional data gathering compliance, transparency and governance controls, to meet SEC requirements.

We designed the ultimate end-to-end data platform and approached every aspect of sourcing, extraction, transformation and delivery, ethically and with integrity. The customizability, composability and trust we built into every step met the most stringent requirements to be fully transparent, observable and auditable. As a member of FISD, a global forum serving the financial information industry for over 30 years, we helped set the standards used today in alternative data sourcing and compliance.

As the use of alternative data expanded into more industries, so did Sequentum. We continually optimized every aspect of our end-to-end platform, processes and operations to be cost effective, efficient, scalable, reusable and repeatable as a low touch, frictionless and easy to use solution. 

We’re delighted every day to simplify the complex world of data and offer our unique best-in-class, built-for-purpose platform to deliver trusted, high-quality custom data sets to the most discerning clients in every market.