Data Sourced, Transformed, Enriched, Structured, and Delivered

Low-code Web Data Pipelines at Enterprise Scale

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Rapidly Deploy Scalable Web Data Pipelines with 95% Less Code

Put our front-to-back data delivery platform to work and reap the benefits of fully-automated processes and procedures.

Reduce Labor & Time

Implementation costs are not just about technology.


Reduce your exposure to almost 95% in labor costs.


Building and maintaining a data collection infrastructure is not easy or inexpensive.

Save $100k+

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in cloud and infrastructure costs per month.


Avoid the possible fines, penalties, and court cases associated with improper data compliance.


Shift the risk of $150M USD in potential data liability risk away from your organization.

Trusted by industry, government, and others, Sequentum delivers steady results in a complex space.

Read for yourself how government and private industries are utilizing web data extraction software to improve their decision-making.

We have tried a large number of web data collection solutions and found Sequentum to be best-in-class in terms of ease of use, overall capability, and efficient handling of complex web data.

Rahul Singhal, Chief Product Officer, Innodata Inc.

I am cancelling my subscriptions to all of the competing platforms. Sequentum is by far the most advanced.

David Ruano, Collective Marketing Solutions

Sequentum is now an important part of the service and tools we provide to our clients.

Lonnie Wallace, Partner & Director of IT at Retail Insight, LLC


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