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Intuitive and powerful Big Data solutions for reliable web data extraction that scales with your enterprise.

We believe that Sequentum’s Content Grabber technology is best in-class and separates Sequentum from its competitors.

Steven Lau

Managing Director of WorldQuant Ventures

We recently came up against a website that used a technology our tool-set could not handle. We started looking at other technology options and none of them could do what we needed…until we found Content Grabber.

Lonnie Wallace

Partner / Director of Information Technology of Retail Insight, LLC

This is now giving us business intelligence unrivaled to data we had previously.

Jon Hallam

Director of Managed Desktop consulting at NHS London


Content Grabber’s visual point and click editor is easy to use; non-technical users can quickly become proficient. Often, no coding or programming is required.

Reliability & Scalability

Content Grabber is targeted towards enterprises who have a critical reliance on web data. Our powerful debugging and error handling features help create reliable and efficient web data extractions. 

API Integration

Include web data extraction capabilities into your own desktop applications with the Content Grabber run-time. Build web applications with the dedicated web API that allow you to execute web data extractions on demand directly from your website.

Technically Superior

Extract web data faster and more reliably than any other solution. Content Grabber extracts data from difficult sites where many other competitor solutions fail.


Content Grabber gives you the ability to easily move between platforms. Start by outsourcing and then later move your agents in house or vice versa. You have the flexibility to move as requirements change.


We adhere to strict operating guidelines that have been reviewed and approved by our counsel. We are also working members of the IDSO committee to define web scraping standards for alternative data.

Choose a Best In-Class Solution

Content Grabber Enterprise

We recognize that not every customer has the same requirements. We provide your enterprise with scalable tools depending on your web data extraction needs.

Managed Data Services

We offer turnkey managed data services for enterprises looking to outsource web data extraction requirements to a team of experts.

I’m cancelling my subscription to import.io, Octoparse and Parsehub. Your solution is by far the most advanced. I’m super happy with my decision!

David Rueno, Collective Marketing Solutions

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