Managed Data Services

Turnkey managed data services for enterprises looking to outsource their web data extraction requirements.

What We Do

We manage the complete web data extraction process for our customers and provide the structured data they need, when they need it. We remove the learning curve of internally maintaining web data extractions while adding reliability and quality to the data extraction process. We also take ownership for legal compliance, taking the liability off the customer and into the hands of experts who have extensive experience extracting public web data.

Data Collection Made Simple

Submit your data requirements to our team of knowledge experts and we will create a quality solution tailored to your enterprise's needs.

Hosting and Maintenance

We develop, host and maintain web data extractions using our superior technology and robust hosting environments.


Monitoring of website changes is important to ensure data reliability. We establish monitoring alerts on web data extraction agents, allowing us to react quickly when website changes or outages occur.

Extensive Delivery Options

Data can be delivered using a range of options, including: Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP or custom web services.

variety of export formats

Export to several formats, including: Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, PDF, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Apache Parquet and most other database connections.


We adhere to strict operating guidelines that have been reviewed and approved by our counsel. We are also working members of the IDSO committee to define web scraping standards for alternative data.

Consulting Services

Web data extraction agent development and implementation services for enterprises who host Content Grabber Enterprise solutions on premise.

What We Offer

Web Data Extraction Agent Development

We offer development services for enterprises looking for knowledge experts to create optimal web data extraction agents hosted on premise.

Implementation and Training Services

Implementation and training services are also offered. Availability is limited. Please contact to inquire about availability.