Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Content Grabber is best in-class technology used for web data extraction and web automation. It can extract content from almost any website at scale and save it as structured data in a format of your choosing, including Excel, JSON, XML, CSV and most databases. We have created this FAQ to answer some of the most common questions customers have in order to make it easier for your purchasing decision.

If you still have any other questions after reading this, do not hesitate to contact us at

Content Grabber is a Windows-based software application. Windows 10+ or Windows 2012 R2+ are a requirement, and Windows 10 or Windows 2016+ is recommended. If you use a Mac or Linux system, you can use Content Grabber by installing a Windows Virtual Machine. Additionally, your copy of Content Grabber and its agents can run on a Windows Server or VPS.

Recommended System Requirements:

64bit Windows 10 or 2012R2 
Intel Core i5-6xxx or equivalent 
8GB RAM (+2GB of RAM for each agent you want to run in parallel) 
500 GB internal hard drive

Yes, we offer trials upon request after evaluation of the use case for the customer requesting the trial. You can contact for this request. We have a one-time 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. You are welcome to purchase a full edition plan (Enterprise) and try it for a full 30-Days.

You can install a Content Grabber license on one desktop, laptop or server at a time. We offer multi-seat licenses at a volume-based discount for the Enterprise Edition. We also offer a Server Edition License within the Enterprise Plan at a reduced price in order to schedule your agents across multiple servers without the need for the Visual Agent Editor. Please contact for more information.

The main features that are exclusive to the Enterprise Edition include:

  • Use of the Content Grabber API for web integration
  • Centralized Internal Database for data normalization and de-duplication across multiple agents
  • The ability to specify input data as command-line parameters when running an agent from the command-line
  • Centralized Agent Management Window
    • Start, stop or schedule agents, and view logs and statuses
    • Manage database connections used by all agents on a server
    • Manage script libraries used by all agents on a server
    • Use custom scripts to control agent behavior
    • Use scripts to completely customize data export and delivery
    • Use scripts to generate input data for an agent
  • Integration with Visual Studio 2013+ for powerful script editing, debugging and unit testing
  • Automatic error notifications that can be transmitted to third party ticketing or project management systems via API
  • Fully integrated Content Grabber Agent Repository to enable agent updates in a scripted manner to private servers and enables change tracking between agent versions

Content Grabber can extract most content and data (images, text, PDF, Excel/CSV documents, videos, etc.) that you can manually navigate to on a website.

The Server Edition is for use on test and production servers to manage and run web scraping agents. While you can maintain your agents using the Server Edition, it does not facilitate the creation of new agents. People often want a separate production server for their development environment. It is a cheaper alternative than buying a full Enterprise Edition license for production.

Yes! If you are interested in purchasing multiple licenses, we have some great options for you. We have multi-seat licenses for Enterprise customers. You can contact us at for more details.

We have migrated away from the Professional and Enterprise Edition perpetual licenses as we see growing demand to scale for Enterprise solutions. We will be offering new Enterprise-grade features in our Enterprise Licenses, such as the Agent Repository and new deployment methods for managing Content Grabber Agents.

We will still support the Professional and Premium Edition licenses for our current grandfather users with the same Maintenance & Support terms and agreements.

When you purchase a Content Grabber license plan, it includes maintenance and support at no additional cost. This will allow you continual software updates and software support during your active license period.

Standard Support

Please email all support inquiries to You must have a Content Grabber account with active support, or an active trial account. You can also login to your account page to submit support inquiries. You must send inquiries from the email address associated with your Content Grabber account. Inquiries sent from other email addresses will be rejected.

We do not currently provide phone support, unless otherwise specified in license agreements with Enterprise customers. Our phone is answered by sales staff that have a good understanding of the software and web data extractions in general, but they are not technical staff that can help you with technical issues regarding the software or web data extraction techniques.

Free support is limited to bug reports and product feature inquiries. Unfortunately, we cannot provide training, or create and maintain your agents on an ongoing basis. If you require additional services please use our Managed Data Services.

Please export your agent and attach the exported agent file if you are reporting a bug related to one of your agents. You can export your agents from the File menu in Content Grabber.

Support inquiries are normally answered within 1 business day, but during very busy periods it may take longer.

Standard Support Limitations

Our software does not restrict the number of agents you can build, and we have customers with hundreds of active agents. If we had to help develop and maintain all of these agents, we would need to dedicate a full time employee for just a single customer in some instances, which is not a sustainable business model. If you need us to help develop or maintain data extraction agents on an ongoing basis, we will need to charge for the service. 

Web data extraction is not a trivial task, since each website uses different coding techniques. If you have minimal experience, you will not be able to extract data from all websites without assistance. We can provide you with the following level of assistance:

  • Bug reports. Please attach your data extraction agent when reporting a bug.
  • Feature inquiries. You can ask questions such as “What does this option do?” or “Can Content Grabber do this?”

Please notice the following restrictions to support:

  • We must be able to run your agent locally if you want us to help you. We do not create user accounts on a website to try and replicate a problem that you have. You must be willing to send us your agent with included account details.
  • We do not support your back-end systems including databases, even when they are used in conjunction with Content Grabber.
  • We provide very limited support for Scripts and API integration. You need to be a competent programmer to use these features. We don’t provide general programming assistance. We only support documented features of the API. You may be able to access undocumented features intended for internal use only, and you are allowed to do so, but we will not support this functionality. This functionality may change or disappear without notice in future versions.

Yes. Content Grabber includes a prebuilt template which you can use to repeatedly follow all links on a website to look for specific content, such as emails or phone numbers.

We have removed the Self-Contained Agents feature. We have determined this feature to compete with our Enterprise Server Edition licensing model. Please contact for more details on our OEM licensing if you are interested in this feature.

Yes. We offer Managed Data Services, which is a turnkey service for accomplishing web data extractions. We provide you structured data that is updated on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). We also update and maintain your agents when a website changes. We offer 24/7 maintenance and support by our experienced developer team, daily monitoring and use of our proxy pool.

We can provide quotes for this service if you send the following details to

  • The url(s)/website pages
  • The inputs you require for extracting data
  • The specific web data elements to be extracted (note: if these are difficult to verbalize, it is sometimes easier to send the details through a screen capture that includes the highlighted data elements in order to aid our developers)
  • The format that you would like the data output (i.e. Excel, CSV, JSON, XML or OleDB)
  • The distribution method for the data output (i.e. FTP, Web Service, Email, Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Google Drive)
  • Any special requirements (e.g. writing the data to a custom database, data normalization, custom data calculations, reporting or data visualization, etc.).
  • If you require the data to be extracted more than once and the schedule settings you require (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Yes, though we only maintain a small team of Consulting Services staff for agent development outside of our Managed Data Services. Please contact for availability inquiries and quotes.

Please contact for more information regarding Affiliate or Reseller programs.