Content Grabber Enterprise for Desktop

Designed for enterprises with a critical reliance on extracting web data.

Web Automation

The visual point and click editor streamlines data extraction workflow. The editor automatically detects data elements as they are selected on page and there is often no coding required.


Extract data faster and more reliably than other solutions, with the help of multi-threading and numerous other performance tuning configurations.

Enterprise Management Tools

Create a centralized solution with management tools for scheduling, file or database connections, proxies, notifications and script libraries.

Advanced Testing and Debugging

Powerful error handling and recovery features will keep web data extractions running in even the most difficult scenarios.

Sophisticated Integration

Add web data extraction capabilities to desktop applications or build connected web applications using the web API. Easily integrate with third party reporting, data transformation or data analytics applications.

Legal Compliance Features

Features for monitoring website legal compliance to ensure data usage terms are being met for enterprises who rely on data as input into their own products.

Content Grabber Enterprise for Server

Designed for enterprises with large scale web data extraction needs.


Includes the Content Grabber run-time at a lower cost point in order to scale web data extraction operations across multiple servers.

Integrate Between Environments

Use the Content Grabber API to control web data extractions between multiple hosted environments or in the cloud.

Deployment and Version Control

Deploy web data extraction agents across multiple instances using the agent repository and the built-in version control features.

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